Health Insurance Benefits: Provision for Risk

BY Jenny Black

Are you one of those men who haven’t yet figured out the benefits health insurance brings to you? The following choice game will help you make up your mind. Either choose to pay small sums every month and be insured against any medical expenditure or bear the medical expenditure that emerges all of a sudden. The future is oblivious to all. The adage “prevention is better than cure” aptly embodies the theme of health insurance.

Health insurance benefits are many. Health insurance depicts a contractual relationship between an insurance company (called the insurer) and the insured. Under health insurance, the insurer agrees to indemnify or reimburse all health care costs incurred by the insured, for which the latter has to make a regular premium to the insurance company. If during the period of illness, there was any loss of income, health insurance also will compensate for this.

Health insurance is termed also as accident and sickness insurance, medical insurance. With health insurance, the insured is recompensed for all expenses made towards hospitalization, drugs and medicines, surgery, laboratory tests, physicians’ fees, X-rays, and other diagnostic procedures, radiation therapy, maternity and nursing care, eyeglasses, crutches, prostheses, etc. Thus, the greatest benefits of health insurance are brought about with the utility of time and provision for risk.

Health insurance can be classified into two classes- indemnity plans and managed care plans. The basic difference between the two is that while in indemnity plans the insured has the right to approach any doctor and get indemnified of all or a part of the medical expenses; in managed care plans, the insurance company will restrict the insured’s choice of doctors and hospitals. The insurance company has entered into an arrangement with select doctors and hospitals for the health care needs, and the insured is referred only to these.

It is not as important to decide which health insurance type one is going for; instead, the coverage of the health insurance must be carefully examined. By coverage is meant the various medical expenses that will be recompensed by the insurance company. The benefits of health insurance is very much dependant on the right cover that one is getting. A right health insurance cover will include:

• The cost of hospital room and other minor costs must be included in the hospital expense insurance.
• If you are undergoing surgery, the surgeon’s fees and other costs related to this surgery must be included in the surgical expense insurance.
• Doctors charge fees for visiting hospital to see the insured. Such fees for doctor’s visit must be included in the physician’s expense insurance.

This is not an exhaustive list and by shopping carefully for health insurance benefits, one can get covered for prescription drugs, preventive care and many more. Shop for health insurance as an individual or take a group option. Carefully consider the benefits of each health insurance scheme before acceding to one.

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