Cataracts Symptoms, Surgery and Treatment

BY Lim Zheng Yang

Did you know that 'cataracts' was derived from the Latin word ca-ta-rac-ta and the Greek word ka-ta-rak-tes?

Both words were used to describe rapidly running water or waterfall. They were then used metaphorically to describe the clouding that develops in the eye's lens.

What an interesting way to describe an eye problem!

When protein molecules in the eye's crystalline lens clump together and begin to block light entering our eyes, this is known as cataracts.

If it is not taken care of, it may result to blindness. Yes, I know, it ain't good news.


When you have this eye disease, the symptoms incude blurred vision, colors seem faded, need to change eyeglasses or contact lenses frequently, vision at night is poor, and light from the sun, lamps or headlights appear brighter than usual.

Risk factors

The factors that put you at risk of this eye problem include long-term ultraviolet exposure, diabetes, genetic factors, injury to the eyes, physical trauma, smoking or alcohol consumption.

Treatment & Surgery

While you can try on new eyeglasses, improve the lighting in your surroundings, wear anti-glare sunglasses, or even magnifying lenses to improve your condition, eye surgery is the next best effective treatment.

Eye surgery for this eye disorder is done mainly by removing the cloudy lens and in its place, put in an artificial lens.

Consider surgery only if your everyday activities such as driving or reading is affected by the loss of vision. You should consult your eye doctor or eye care professional and discuss the risks and benefits of having surgery and decide whether this is right for you.

Another point to note is that when your cataract is in the way of examination or treatment of some other eye disease you may have such as macular degeneration or glaucoma, then it should be removed.

What you can do

Although not proven, a good diet consisting of antioxidants does seem to help. Putting on a good pair of sunglasses with ultra-violet protection also reduces the harm that UV rays inflict. Of course, stay away from the vices of life such as smoking and alcohol consumption, and this will prevent you from contracting all kinds of health problems in the first place!

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