Facial Exercise And The Medical Community

BY Cynthia Rowland

The medical community concurs with Cynthia Rowland, facial exercises are an appropriate modality for treatment of many orofacial dysfunctions. Chances are almost every family will deal with either a stroke or other catastrophic muscle debilitating illness, trauma or injury – usually, this produces an inability to adequately formulate and articulate words and phrases. Most likely, these patients will require certain retraining from a speech pathologist or an orofacial myologist to strengthen the lips, tongue and facial muscles.

There are many conditions that can be treated with facial retraining; thumb suckers, those who experience swallowing problems, open bite and tongue protrusion can be successfully treated with orofacial myology therapies, orthodontics and other occupational modalities Orofacial therapy is primarily facial exercise that has been proven to alleviate the horrors of cosmetic surgical failures, aid orthodontic cases, Bells Palsy, Down Syndrome, and Facial Muscle Paralysis and so on. Facial exercise provides regained balanced symmetry to restore the face as it was before; this is very exciting information because in the past, what was done with surgery, can usually be accomplished with facial exercise.

One facial exercise client described how allergies had caused under eye puffiness and swelling; this caused him to look angry and tired. After just a few days of using certain facial exercise techniques, he wrote to say his breathing had dramatically improved and as a bonus, the swelling had decreased so he looked and felt better.

Facial exercise can also be used cosmetically. Rather than opt for a surgical procedure for treatment of a sagging face, facial exercise can provide much needed lifting, toning and strengthening of the face and neck. Exercise for the face produces the best possible facial appearance, altering facial expression in just minutes a day in the privacy of one’s own home. The results can be startling and in fact, obtaining phenomenal results is very simple as the muscles rejuvenate and skin becomes revitalized with oxygenation. The stimulated cells thrive with increased activity that facial exercise provides.

Elective surgery is still risky as complications may arise; there’s usually loss of feeling or sensation for quite some time after the procedure and sometimes the results may be disappointing. With exercise the muscles and skin lift, tone and tighten restoring the face. Most facial exercise users believe they look years younger than those who have had face lifts. In fact, facial exercisers look better and better while surgical recipients are thinking …” when will I have to do this again?” Facial muscle disorders that compromise appearance and function can be treated to provide the best possible facial appearance and better self-esteem for every user. Whether your need for facial exercise is medical or cosmetic, your face will enjoy the health benefits of rejuvenating, strength building movements.

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