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Dear Scleroderma Sufferer,

Did you know there are nearly twenty different naturopathic ways to naturally start reversing your scleroderma and restore your skin (and organs) to normal? No more hardening fibrosis, no more disfiguration, no more Raynaud's syndrome, no more sclerosis, and finally an end to the pain, worry and embarrassment.

In fact there are more than two natural dozen ways to reverse scleroderma and sclerosis related problems which we've explained with sources, background materials and cases in our 160-page ebook:

  • There is a special low dose tetracycline antibiotic therapy, well studied as a treatment for scleroderma that may be the very thing to eliminate the root cause of your condition ... forever! Plenty of doctors have used this protocol to cure their patients of mycoplasma infections that trigger scleroderma. Your rheumatologist probably doesn't even know about the 50-year successful track record of this protocol, and case studies show what you can expect.
  • There is a traditional DMSO formula, to be directly applied to the skin lesions, that has twice been proven to be effective in softening the skin and healing fingertip ulcerations. There is even a DMSO + castor oil formulation that's been found to work extremely well in softening a number of related conditions, and whether we are talking about scars, cysts, or other hardened tissues this is perhaps the most powerful home remedy and "collagen softening agent" you could ever apply to your skin for actually softening your body and ridding yourself of scleroderma disfigurement.

  • You should be consuming vitamin E to dissolve the fibrosis of scleroderma and protect microcirculation, but only of a special type and only one brand you should ever use (which your doctor isn't going to tell you because he doesn't know) ... AND you should always be taking this special form of vitamin E along with another vitamin at the same time to maximize its effectiveness. In fact, you should probably be supplementing yourself with betaine-HCL, zinc, and a number of other nutritional substances that studies show are low in scleroderma sufferers and helpful for the condition. You should also be avoiding aspartame for reasons we'll get into, and probably supplementing with DHEA and/or thyroid hormones. Want to know more? The full story is inside ...

  • There are special fibrin busting enzymes from Asia that dissolve blood clots, one made from soybeans and one made from earthworms, which are proven at dissolving blood clots and increasing blood flow to all your organs and extremities, including the skin! This works to increase blood circulation everywhere for all sorts of skin conditions including Raynaud's syndrome, Peyronie's scarring ... and it even lowers blood pressure.

  • There is a particular enzyme cocktail formulation, containing a fibrinolytic tissue eating enzyme made from silkworms that holds the biggest promise for eliminating hardened tissues ALL throughout the body from the inside. It eliminates pain, destroys floating CIC immune complexes in the blood that contribute to autoimmune disorders, and literally "eats away" at fibrotic accumulations. It's so effective that plastic surgeons even use it to prevent or eat away scars after operations, and in high doses it will literally eat away at the internal scarring of scleroderma. This is something you should get on right away not just to soften the skin scarring but to eat away at the autoimmume causes of the problem.

  • There are special RBC, vitamin, mineral, amino acid, and fatty acid blood tests that can give you a full inventory of your nutritional abilities to fight off scleroderma, and which can actually spotlight any biochemical pathways that are "off" that might be clinically or subclinically contributing to the disease. Whether your own case of scleroderma is due to an inflammatory, autoimmune, vascular disease or wound healing response gone haywire, this panel of chemistries will let you know exactly where you stand and what you should be supplementing with to correct your underlying blood chemistry, modulate your healing reactions and intervene to fight off the disease.

  • There are certain foods you should avoid because they produce allergic reactions in your body that make scleroderma disease just that more difficult to deal, and there are specific food ingredients that contribute to sclerodema (foods that contain tyrosine and phenylalanine). Here is a foolproof way to discover what those foods are for you and whether they are hurting your health. This 115 food antigen test is absolutely the only one ever to trust, and once you know what foods to avoid because of your condition then your body can devote all its other energies into getting well. One more thing ... if you've ever wondered about the right type of diet to be taking when you scleroderma, here's how to find out by determining your metabolic type.

  • There is a special POTABA B-vitamin formulation and protocol, well studied as a scleroderma remedy (and for Peyronie's) which has a definite track record of success.

  • There are special Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) formulations specifically developed for treatments of scleroderma, sclerosis and Raynaud's syndrome, including Gotu Kola and Danshen root, that you can use to help combat the disease. There are also a number of nutraceutical substances (such as magnesium, ginko, snakeroot, niacin) and skin creams that are proven to help with the pain of Raynaud's in the extremities.

  • A number of mind-body therapies, such as acupuncture, meditation, yogic breathing, military temperature desensitization, visualization, are also available to help ignite your vital energies to deal with the disease. Want to learn how to meditate as an adjunct to your scleroderma treatments? You'll learn 3 specific meditations to help your skin.
  • There is a new high tech colloidal copper spray, just recently invented, that has the amazing ability to soften scar tissue and actually remodel collagen, breaking down and synthesizing collagen at the same time! Containing copper molecules only 1-2 atoms wide, I've actually seen this spray soften 3/8-inch thick scar tissues in days ... amazingly returning them to normal color and freeing the surrounding tissues of restrictions because the tissues had become as soft as the surrounding skin ... after a year's worth of every other conceivable therapy had failed.

If this information on beating scleroderma and becoming 100% healthy again sounds potentially useful to you, we've collected it in one single place for your convenience, which you can instantly receive via the internet.

Save yourself a lot of time, money, discomfort and embarrassment by finding it all in one place and getting started using it right away. No more expensive, time consuming and painful trips to both your physician and rheumatologist ... and finding no assistance whatsoever. These are the very health strategies and protocols thousands of people have used to successfully beat their scleroderma. Yes, thousands! The main antiobiotic protocol has saved countless lives and an entire clinic has been built around it, yet your doctors have probaby never even heard of it.

Just click the link below, and you'll have immediate access to an easy to read, 160-page .pdf manual that will help.

You can cure your scleroderma when you use an effective alternative medicine approach that's right for your situation. Now you can find out which scleroderma treatments offer hope.

Plenty of people have banished their scleroderma by using one or other of the techniques we've reported, and without resorting to invasive treatments. Many of these techniques we report on have double blind studies proving their efficacy.

Some doctors say that mild cases of scleroderma disease will just disappear in time on their own, but why should you risk it when using these low cost therapies will stack all the odds in your favor ... and when there's a life threatening chance your condition will worsen if you don't do something extra!

Don't be foolish betting your life. It doesn't make sense to risk doing nothing. In fact, if scleroderma has appeared on your skin ... consider what else could be going on inside your body.

Truth be told, scleroderma must appear for a reason, and it's the underlying condition (the autoimmune and inflammatory biochemistry) that requires an appropriate curative response. No one can tell you without an examination what condition applies to you specifically, so I've included all the natural approaches known so that together with your doctor you can choose whatever seems appropriate for your situation.



I want to send you a short email to thank you for your Scleroderma book. Your book is what led me to the Road Back Foundation and Henry Scammell's Scleroderma book.

My 16 year old daughter was Diagnosed with systemic sclerosis in May 06 and she was failing fast. Your book on natural remedies was one of the first that I saw and bought, I figured that it covered areas that would not be offered by the mainstream Rheumatologists that my daughter had seen. BOY WAS I CORRECT ABOUT THAT! Among the other wonderful opportunities for healing that your book offers, it led us to the antibiotic protocol, an appointment with Dr. David Trentham in Boston, and an amazing three week reversal of some really serious symptoms.

Thank you for the work that you do. Now that Jessica is virtually symptom free with the exception of Raynaud's, I am revisiting your book for additional opportunities to help the Raynauds also resolve as the other symptoms have with the AP.

Sincerely, Cheryl Ferguson

Scleroderma can be reversed in time

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