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"Just Because You Are Older, You Should NOT Accept the Risk of a Heart Attack, Stroke, Angina Pain, Senility, Impotence, Fatigue, Memory Loss or Leg Pain When You Walk ... Especially When You Can Experience a Turn-Around Almost Immediately Using Nattokinase and Other Natural Methods"

"Blood Clots and High Blood Pressure Can be Eliminated Naturally --
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Crisis time, or you're just feeling the effects of aging and you want to do something about it. You want to reduce your chances of stroke or heart attack or just get rid of the nagging pains in your legs and restore a bit of your former mental acuity.

Maybe you've just been to the doctor and he says you need a bypass ... or stent ... or angioplasty. You might be feeling pain, or are out of breath or in constant fatigue. Maybe you can't remember things as well as you used to and your bedroom activities aren't as hot as you remember them.

The surgeon is getting paid an awful lot by your medical insurance, so he wants to violate your body, crack open your chest and perform an operation which is often fatal, but whose results are often reversed in just a few short months down the road. That's what happens with a bypass or stent.

That might very well be the best course of action if your life is in immediate danger, and yet there might be time for other options to explore. After all, it always pays to explore your options. Isn't that right? You'd be a fool to put your life at risk without investigating everything that might help you, especially if there are safe and low-cost alternatives that offer permanent solutions to your ills.

Hundreds if not thousands of other doctors can offer second opinions and alternative therapies to the mainstream practice of surgery.

So while your head might be spinning, the big question is whether there is anything else you can do to improve your health and lower your risks? Are there alternative options you need to know about offered by complementary physicians? What can you do to improve blood flow throughout your body so that your circulation improve, more oxygen gets to your cells to deliver nutrients and take away wastes, and you start FEELING and LOOKING better in days?

Is there anything you can do to gain back your energy, reduce your pains, banish impotence, and improve your memory because of better blood flow?

Of course there is, but your doctor is not going to tell you about these things. He doesn't know, or he has an incentive not to.

Here's a short list of things to run past your doctor to test what I'm saying. Ask him about:

Writing as The Skeptical Nutritionist™ and Naturopathic Educator,™ for years I've written about all sorts of therapies that can help people turn around their health situation and avoid the scalpel when they didn't need it. Heart surgery, whether it's approved by the American Heart Association or not, can be fatal so you better listen up and get this information.

Therefore, I've collected the best alternative health strategies on cleaning out your arteries of cholesterol and plaque, dissolve blood clots and reduce blood clotting so that you reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke, immediately start increasing oxygenated blood flow to all parts of your body, reduce internal leg pains, increase your energy, memory, concentration and stamina, lower your high blood pressure and just get healthier overall.

Basically I address the root causes of the problem, and help you avoid the drastic course of action called "surgery." I put this information in easy to follow protocols you can use to detox your body and rejuvenate your health.

I've put all this information into a 100% money-back guaranteed 142 page ebook called "How to Flush Clean Your Arteries and Detoxify Your Body ... 100% Naturally," which goes into detail on all the strategies listed above ... and more.

It's so detailed that I don't mind telling you what it contains because I know you cannot find this information in books or on the internet unless you spent years as a health care practitioner as I have.

In fact, I have even contacted manufacturers of various heart health and blood detoxification supplements and asked them to offer you discounts on their products through coupons I supply in the book.

I have no hidden or manipulative sales talk for this information. Because it's so VALUABLE I tell you like it is. In fact, in order to help you I've already mentioned quite a few strategies you can pursue on your own (but not all of them as I've kept the best inside).

Hi Bill,

I am writing to express my gratitude for writing "How to Flush Clean Your Arteries and Detoxify Your Body." With the deluge of products and information out there, your recommendations are immensely helpful! As one who believes in preventive care, it did not take much convincing on my part to begin trying your testimonials. I must say that your book is easy to understand and thoughfully listed all vital information down to the telephone numbers. It is easy for one to find his way. I strongly endorse your book!

Just so you know, I am pleased to report that I am already reaping the
benefits of the whole body detox together with the colon cleanse! My skin, on this my third week, is already showing improvement and I have not even taken Vitalzym yet!

Thanks a million! Keep us posted!

Marilou Murella,


If you want all this powerful information in one place so that you can get rid of pains and experience true anti-aging as well as lowered health risks, then order a copy of "How to Flush Clean Your Arteries and Detoxify Your Body ... 100% Naturally today.

It's so inexpensive compared to what you are SUFFERING or may be thinking of doing.

There's even a 100% money back guarantee on the ebook. If for any reason over the next 30 days you don't like the book, then just contact us for a refund and you'll get all your money back -- no questions asked -- and you may keep the ebook anyway.

My guarantee as The Skeptical Nutritionist and Naturopathic Educator is as simple as that.

I'm not going to try to sell you on this book -- after all there is a money back guarantee -- because you are smart enough to know a good thing when you see one, especially when there are no risks to your investment. You probably have many options to consider but here you'll get the ones your doctors don't talk about.

Here you'll find out about all sorts of natural options that eliminated the need for bypass operations, stents, angioplasty, blood pressure medications, hospitalization and have worked for others in precisely your own situation.

And if it's the case that no doctor has told you that you need a coronary bypass or angioplasty, but you can feel the effects of aging that come from poor blood circulation that is starting to negatively impact your memory and stamina and virility while producing subtle aches and pains over your body, then this is definitely the book to pick up to show you how to reverse these symptoms of aging.

If you put these easy to follow protocols into place, all your friends will be calling you and taking you out to lunch in order to find out what you did and how you did it.

So go ahead and make a decision as to whether you'd like to find out more or just follow what the doctor says. With a Money Back Guarantee the risk is on us, but I'm sure you'll be pleased. At no risk to you, check it out.


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